Information & Policies

Who We Are
Sedona Synergy is a product line of HealthSpring Essentials. When you make a purchase, you will be directed to the HealthSpring Essentials PayPal account.

Fragrances for Everyone
Our Sedona Synergy aromatherapy fragrances are for anyone. They are not cloyingly sweet or floral. They are vibrant and fresh, with a lovely outdoor scent reminiscent of Sedona Red Rock County.

Our Ingredients
Sedona Synergy aromatherapy blends contain 100% organic carrier oils, and 100% wildcrafted, organic, or unspayed-cultivated essential oils. Nothing else. We do not use preservatives. Please start using your roll-on right away and often. Essential oils are highly volatile and will evaporate over time. Our fragrances should not be coveted and saved for special occasions. They should be enjoyed right now for the finest aromatic experience.

Our Glass Roller Bottles
Premium quality, thick, corrosion-resistant glass. Very hard to break. The rainbow bottles feature a calibrated stainless steel roller ball. The frosted white aromatherapy bottle roller ball is plastic.

Our packaging is very simple on purpose. We want to focus on the fragrance blends, not the packaging material that ends up in the trash once the item is opened. We re-use packing material and try to reduce pre and post-consumer waste. In fact, once your Sedona Synergy fragrance blend is used up, you can clean out and re-use the glass bottle.

Shipping & Tax
We currently ship to the United States only. We charge a flat rate of $9.95 per order. Tax is calculated per state. We use USPS.

Returns & Cancellations
All orders are final. If you need to cancel an order before it is shipped out, please call 928-300-9147 as soon as possible. Once the order is shipped, refunds or exchanges are not available.

Allergic Reactions and Medical Disclaimer
Please read the ingredient list for any product you purchase. Do not purchase any Sedona Synergy fragrance blends if you know you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Spot test the roll-on to make sure you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Sedona Synergy and HealthSpring Essentials are not responsible for any negative reactions you may have to our products.